53-man Roster Projection: Offense 1.0

The Lions have a few months to dwindle their roster down to 53 players from the 90 it currently sits at, but that doesn't mean we can't take a stab at it right now. Today we'll be taking a look at the offense. At first glance, this offense seems absolutely loaded.

What is your favorite of the Lions rookie numbers?


The Detroit Lions rookie numbers were released earlier today. We can now picture what they will look like on game day (to some extent). While Jeff Okudah and D'Andre Swift will have to change their numbers before the regular season per the NFL rules, it will still be cool to see

Detroit Lions assign rookie numbers

We finally have some numbers! The Detroit Lions have finally dropped their rookie numbers for their 2020 NFL draft class. While most players will most likely keep their assigned numbers after the preseason (Assuming they make the roster), there are two that will be forced to change. The numbers are as follows: Jeff Okudah

Detroit Lions: Analysis of the Past Three Weeks

We are three weeks into the 2019-2020 NFL season and the Detroit Lions remain undefeated. If I were to tell you in pre-season that we would have two wins heading into week 4, you wouldn't think that those wins were against the Eagles and Chargers. I'm giving an analysis of

Comparing 2018’s Opening Day 53-Man Roster to 2019’s

The Detroit Lions have their season opener on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals. Last year, our season opener was memorable, but not in the way we wanted. Before we jump into the season, I compare this years opening day roster to last years. Offense Quarterback: Improvement 2018: Matthew Stafford, Matt Cassel 2019: Matthew Stafford, Josh

Lions Trade for All-Pro NT Damon Harrison

On the morning of October 25th, a huge trade went down. The Detroit Lions traded for Damon Harrison of the New York Giants. This was shocking, but it became even more shocking once we heard what the Lions had to give up. a 5th round pick. That's all. The Lions