Fan Profile for Charity: Chris Salts


The people born in Kahuku, Hawaii are guaranteed two things; enough sun to last ten lifetimes and high-quality football. Lions super-fan Chris Salts has been spoiled with both. Kahuku High School has won eight Division-I state football championships since 2000. They've appeared in eleven. During Chris's time attending Kahuku High, he got to witness two

53-man Roster Projection: Defense 1.0

The Lions have a few months to dwindle their roster down to 53 players from the 90 it currently sits at, but that doesn't mean we can't take a stab at it right now. Yesterday we took a look at the offensive side, now let's turn our focus to the

Who will have the most rushing yards in 2020?


Earlier today we had an article about Nate Burleson and how he believes the Lions will have the best rushing attack in the NFC North. This got us thinking about the group as a whole. Kerryon Johnson will likely start off as the lead back, but could get overthrown by D'Andre

Detroit Lions assign rookie numbers

We finally have some numbers! The Detroit Lions have finally dropped their rookie numbers for their 2020 NFL draft class. While most players will most likely keep their assigned numbers after the preseason (Assuming they make the roster), there are two that will be forced to change. The numbers are as follows: Jeff Okudah