Who will have the most rushing yards in 2020?


Earlier today we had an article about Nate Burleson and how he believes the Lions will have the best rushing attack in the NFC North. This got us thinking about the group as a whole.

Kerryon Johnson will likely start off as the lead back, but could get overthrown by D’Andre Swift. If Johnson performs poorly or Swift is just too hot to ignore, this scenario could become a reality.

And of course, you can’t count out Bo Scarbrough, who led the team in rushing attempt per game. His 4.2 YPC also cannot be ignored, which is only .1 yards behind Ty Johnson. Speaking of Ty Johnson, he showed some flashes in 2019, most notably his 40 yard run against the Packers on SNF.

Jason Huntley seems to be more of a threat in the passing game, but we’ve seen weirder things happen.

So today’s question is simple. Who has the most rushing yards in 2020?

Who will have the most rushing yards in 2020?