VIDEO: Matt Patricia allegedly says “I give up”

He said what?

Matt Patricia and the Detroit Lions lost an ugly game in their season opener. Not only that, but it was in front of a national audience on Monday Night Football.

With that national audience comes more viewers to watch the game – and catch things that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Already down 41-17 late in the 3rd quarter, Matt Prater missed a field goal and Coach Patricia was not happy.

So unhappy that many viewers started to speculate what he said immediately after. Take a look for yourself:


What do you think?

Do you think he did indeed say “I give up”?

Some speculate that he instead said “That didn’t work”. Either way, there’s no way we can actually tell for sure what he said.

After that disappointing game however, his alleged words encapsulated the feeling of many Lions fans last night.