Interview with Michigan WR Signee Giles Jackson

To begin this interview, I would like to thank Giles Jackson for taking the time to talk with us. DSN wishes him the best of luck at Michigan and for the rest of his football career.

Question: How does it feel to be a Michigan Wolverine?

Giles: It feels great playing for a great program like Michigan. Great players have come through this program and itś an honor to play for them.

Question 2: Is there any player you model your game after?

Giles: Tyreek Hill mostly because we have a similar type of playing style.

Question 3: What made you choose Michigan over other colleges that recruited you?

Giles: I chose Michigan because it felt like home and the communication with all the coaching staff and they were the only school with my sports management major.

Question 4: What will the biggest difference be about moving from California to Michigan?

Giles: I would say most likely the weather. In California, it´s not really as cold and it doesn´t snow where I´m at. In Ann Arbor, it´s about 15-20 degrees cooler and it snows at times.

Question 5: Are academics just as important to you as football and if so how do you plan to manage the two when you are in college?

Giles: Yes, I take academics very seriously Without academics football wouldn´t be possible so I try to do my best in school so I´m able to stay on the field.

Question 6: What are your ultimate goals at Michigan?

Giles: I would say my ultimate goal is to make a name for myself on the field and to receive a great education.

Question 7: What do you want to be remembered as?

Giles: I would like to be remembered for setting or breaking records especially given my size.


After finishing the interview, I realized I needed some sort of conclusion that would make Michigan fans happy and more confident about the current state of the program.

So, I asked Giles what a good conclusion statement would look like. This was his response: ´The Michigan football program has made positive recent changes including recruiting an all-star class. I am hoping that my skills and my desire to win with the goals of the coaching staff will contribute to a championship team.´

Enough said. Good Luck Giles and Go Blue!